Fervo Renewable Energy- solar panel array
Fervo Renewable Energy- solar panel array
Fervo Renewable Energy- solar panel array
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If you would like to reduce your energy bills or do your bit for the planet, renewable energy is the way to go.

At Fervo Renewable Energy we specialise in designing and installing renewable technologies including solar PV and heat pump systems. We have been meeting the needs and aspirations of homeowners and businesses for over a decade, covering Cheshire, North West England, North Wales, Yorkshire & North East England.

Whether you are a self-builder constructing your forever eco-home or a business looking to reduce your energy costs, we have a solution.

Air source heat pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

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Ground Source Heat Pumps - Fervo Renewable Energy

Ground Source Heat Pumps

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Solar Photovoltaic Panels - Fervo Renewable Energy

Solar PV Panels

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2 MVHR units loft mounted

MVHR Systems

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Battery Storage

Battery Storage & EV Charging

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Underfloor heating manifold

Underfloor Heating

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At Fervo we work with the latest technologies and most progressive manufacturers to create the best renewable solutions for both our clients and the planet. We are always looking to keep our installations at the cutting edge of renewable technology.

Our Services

Bespoke Design

We know that every project is unique. We make sure that it is designed around you.


Over a decade of experience, providing sustainable solutions to people just like you.


Every project is backed by our unrivalled service and warranty.


Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps - Fervo Renewable Energy

Air Source Heat Pumps are an efficient source of renewable heat.

They work by extracting heat from the outside air and can do so down to temperatures as low as -20°C, although they are less efficient at very low temperatures. When correctly specified, air source heat pumps can provide enough heat to meet all the heating and domestic hot water requirements for a property.

Air source heat pumps are usually positioned against a suitable exterior wall and require very little space, although they do need air to circulate freely around them.

Air source heat pumps usually consist of an outdoor unit, with a fan to draw air over a large heat exchanger, and an indoor unit housing the hot water cylinder and controls.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps - Fervo Renewable Energy

Loops of pipe beneath the ground are most commonly used, either horizontally in trenches, or vertically in boreholes. The best option will depend on the amount of land available and its characteristics in terms of soil type, water content and the geology beneath the surface.

Benefits of ground source heat pumps:-

  • High efficiency and energy savings.
  • Very quiet
  • Nothing visible outside the property
  • Consistent energy available all year round
  • Qualifies for both domestic and non-domestic RHI payments

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Photovoltaic (often referred to as just solar PV) panels capture solar energy to generate electricity which can be used to power appliances in the home or business, stored in a battery for later self-consumption, or fed into the national grid for which you will be entitled to a payment by your energy provider.

There are a variety of ways solar PV panels can be installed; on-roof and in-roof options mounted on a building and ground-mount systems where no suitable structures are available.

Solar PV is easy to install, with rapid payback, and is a simple solution to the rising cost of utility bills for both domestic and commercial consumers.

Solar PV panels have the following benefits:-

  • Reduce and future-proof your energy bills – solar PV is powered entirely by nature’s free energy source – the sun.  Using this energy to replace electricity otherwise supplied by the main electricity grid will reduce your electricity cost.  This makes solar PV a complementary technology to any heat pump installations which will run off electricity.
  • Any surplus electricity can be sold back to your energy supplier and you can receive payment under the Smart Export Guarantee.
  • A battery can be added to your PV array to increase self-consumption.
  • PV panels provide clean and green electricity, relying entirely on the sun, without producing any harmful greenhouse gas emissions or other pollutants.
  • They have no moving parts, produce electricity silently and require little maintenance.
  • Improve the sustainability credentials of your property or business.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems

MVHR, also known as “Heat Recovery Ventilation” (HRV) answers the paradox faced by home owners in answering the question:

How is it possible for a home to be well insulated and achieve a high level of air tightness, yet at the same time meet minimum room ventilation requirements?”


An MVHR installation accomplishes this by taking stale air from inside the home, extracting heat energy from this via a heat exchanger which pre-warms clean fresh air brought into the home and circulated around the house.


MVHR has the following benefits:-

  • Prevent condensation problems by removing the airborne moisture arising from everyday activities such as bathing, drying clothes, washing up and even breathing.
  • Promote a healthy living environment.  Airborne allergens are reduced and up to 95% of airborne dust and pollen particles are filtered from the supply. Good news for asthma, allergy and hay fever suffers.
  • MVHR reduces a households primary fuel cost by 10 to 15% a year by conserving up to 95% of the heat from the exhaust air and using this to pre-warm the clean fresh air supply.
  • Household odours are removed without losing heat through open windows.
  • Improves the energy efficiency SAP rating of a home to meet the ventilation standards required for new homes.
  • Low maintenance requirements with few moving parts, air filters requiring replacement typically once every five years.
  • Although not an air conditioning unit, MVHR units provide a degree of climate control and can cool incoming supply air in hot summer months.

Battery Storage Systems

battery storage

The addition of a battery storage system to a new or existing solar PV installation is a simple exercise in most cases.  Storing surplus self-generated electricity for later use will maximise the benefit of a Solar PV system.

With the introduction of variable energy tariffs it is even possible to use a battery if you have no solar panels, by charging the battery from the grid at off-peak times to use during peak times.  It also may provide an emergency back-up in case of power failure.

Advantages of battery storage:

  • Greater grid-independence
  • Future-proofing against rising electricity prices
  • Storage of surplus self-generated electricity for later use
  • No need to worry about power cuts with the use of a “backup box”
  • Exploit variable energy tariffs by charging a battery from the mains at a time of low PV generation
  • Batteries are modular so storage capacity can be increased at a later date

EV Charging

Ev charging

With the increasing popularity and move towards the full adoption of electric vehicles, whether you are a homeowner or a business, the need to provide for EV charging points is increasing year by year.

For any new property development, from domestic self-builds to offices and industrial units, it is likely that planning conditions will be imposed requiring the provision of EV charging points.

If you already own an EV or are considering buying one in the future, Fervo provides a bespoke service for installing EV charging points to homeowners and businesses to complement our other renewable energy technology solutions.

The benefits of EV charging stations:

  • Cheaper than using public EV chargers
  • Can be combined with solar PV and battery systems to increase savings
  • Allow EV charging at your convenience
  • Faster than using a three-pin portable charger
  • Meet planning and environmental obligations

Heat Distribution

Underfloor heating manifold

To complement our heat pump services, Fervo Renewable Energy design and install heat distribution solutions to maximise efficiency and minimise running costs.

As heat pumps are most efficient when generating low flow temperatures, under floor heating is an ideal solution providing a large surface area to deliver heat into any given room and maintain a constant comfort level.  With various systems suitable for both solid and suspended floors, under floor heating is ideal for new-build properties or those being renovated.

Radiators also work with heat pump installations, in tandem with under floor heating or as a single emitter system, however they need to be appropriately sized.

In taking a whole-house approach to assessing the requirements of new-build and existing properties, Fervo Renewable Energy will discuss the options with you, design, specify and can install a complete system that will keep you heated at the coldest times of the year.

Benefits of a Fervo Renewable Energy installed heat distribution system: –

  • Ensures compatibility with your heat pump
  • Optimised system performance
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Designed to meet your properties specific requirements

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