Electric Vehicle Charging

With the increasing popularity and move towards the full adoption of electric vehicles, whether you are a homeowner or a business, the need to provide for EV charging points is increasing year by year.

For any new property development, from domestic self-builds to offices and industrial units, it is likely that planning conditions will be imposed requiring the provision of EV charging points.

If you already own an EV or are considering buying one in the future, Fervo provides a bespoke service for installing EV charging points to homeowners and businesses to complement our other renewable energy technology solutions.

The benefits of EV charging stations:

Cheaper than using public EV chargers
Can be combined with solar PV and battery systems to increase savings
Allow EV charging at your convenience
Faster than using a three-pin portable charger
Meet planning and environmental obligations


Electric Vehicles are here to stay and with battery technology improving and the availability of public charging points expanding, the trend is set to continue.  Having the convenience to charge an EV rapidly at home or at work brings many advantages.

At Fervo we offer simple charging solutions to smart integrated systems which direct surplus self-generated electricity from solar PV/battery systems to charge your EV for free!

The cost of running an EV can be lower than petrol or diesel vehicles.  The ability to charge your EV from a solar PV system, or lower overnight tariffs (contract dependant), will maximise sustainability and minimise running costs.

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