Battery Storage

The addition of a battery storage system to a new or existing solar PV installation is a simple exercise in most cases.  Storing surplus self-generated electricity for later use will maximise the benefit of a Solar PV system.

With the introduction of variable energy tariffs it is even possible to use a battery if you have no solar panels, by charging the battery from the grid at off-peak times to use during peak times.  It also may provide an emergency back-up in case of power failure.

Advantages of battery storage:

  • Greater grid-independence
  • Future-proofing against rising electricity prices
  • Storage of surplus self-generated electricity for later use
  • No need to worry about power cuts with the use of a “back-up box”
  • Exploit variable energy tariffs by charging a battery from the mains at a time of low PV generation
  • Batteries are modular so storage capacity can be increased at a later date

The financial case for a battery

Without a battery, an average standard domestic solar PV installation will potentially export 65-75% of the self-generated electricity to the grid rather than used by the household.  Although some payment will be received from the Smart Export Guaranteethis will be less than the cost of buying electricity from the grid.  Storing this surplus electricity for self-consumption at a later time will improve the return on investment for the solar PV system.

Many battery systems can also be charged from the mains as well as from the solar PV system.  This makes it possible to take full advantage of variable energy tariffs, as the battery can be charged at off-peak or overnight tariffs.  This means that during the winter when your panels will generate less electricity, the battery utilisation can be increased.

There is no “one system fits all” solution when specifying a battery system.  The amount of surplus electricity to store will vary depending on the size of the PV array and the amount, and timing, of electricity usage by the property.

Fervo are accredited by the MCS to install battery systems and will ensure that our recommendations are tailored to the individual needs of our customers depending on numerous variables.  Our advice will include performance estimates relating to the potential financial benefit of the battery.

Batteries are zero-rated for VAT purposes.

Battery storage system

Battery storage system

Battery storage

Battery Storage Systems

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