Air Source Heat Pumps are an efficient and a sustainable means of providing space hot water heating.

They are most suitable for well insulated properties with under floor heating, appropriately sized radiators or fan-convectors heat emitters.  Modern air source heat pumps are capable of delivering high temperatures, making them also suitable for retro-installation to existing homes and properties.

They work by extracting heat from the outside air which is passed over a heat exchanger and through the compression of a refrigerant gas generate high temperatures that can be used for space and water heating – the usual analogy is a fridge in reverse.  The latest generation of air source heat pumps work even if outdoor air temperatures are as low as -20°C!

Electricity is required to run the air source heat pump.  Fervo work with some of the most efficient models available which are capable of delivering up to five times the amount of energy used to power them.

They are usually positioned against a suitable exterior wall, although any location close to the property that allows free flowing air will be suitable.  Internally they require a hot water cylinder designed for use with a heat pump (a consideration when replacing a combi-boiler) and in most systems a buffer cylinder to improve system efficiency.

Although suitable for most domestic properties, they are ideal for new-build and renovation projects where good levels of insulation will maximise the efficiency of the system.

Through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, homeowners replacing a fossil fuel or electric heating system, self-builders and property renovators can access £7,500 to go towards the cost of installing an air source heat pump.

Heat pump system also make sense for residential property developers as there is no need to pay for a gas connection to the site and increased marketability to potential purchasers who are looking at future running costs of the home and its green credentials.

Benefits of air source include:-

  • Cost effective and reduced carbon emissions
  • Suitable for new-build and retro projects
  • No need for mains gas connection to property making ideal for rural properties
  • Very reliable and proven technology
  • Qualifies for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme


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