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About us

Who we are

Fervo Renewable Energy was formed by Alison Nolan and Keith Hill in May 2014, both having worked in the renewable energy sector for a number of years following careers in other sectors that had opened their eyes to the potential green energy and sustainable development offered both business and home owners.

Alison came to renewable energy having worked in agricultural sector that involved extensive travel across Europe where the adoption of sustainable technologies such as biomass and solar has been common place for many years in providing energy to farms.  A Chartered Surveyor by profession, Keith, had worked in the property sector since leaving school, project managing and overseeing the delivery of commercial and residential developments many of which incorporated what were new technologies at the time to the UK such as heat pumps.

Taking a pragmatic approach to the adoption of renewables FRE seek to reduce the UK’s reliance  on carbon fuels one project at a time by delivering a professional, friendly and trusted service for the benefit of our clients and our children’s children.

What we do

Fervo takes a genuine interest in your project and provides a tailored service to meet your requirements.  With no allegiance to individual technologies or manufacturers, we provide recommendations to clients based upon their specific needs and circumstances rather than seeking to sell preconceived packages.  Having said this we work closely with a range of partners across our technology range who have leading reputations in their respective fields and whose product ranges provide genuine choice options.

Typically we work with the following:

  • Domestic
  • Home owners
  • Self-builders
  • Housing developers
  • Commercial

We recognise the significant cost installing a renewable system involves.  It is likely in the case of a domestic install potentially after the house purchase itself it could well be the largest investment one will ever make. There are various reasons a business or similar organisation may seek to install a renewable energy system which can include meeting carbon reduction obligations, CSR aspirations, or reducing fuel costs – whatever there needs to be justifiable reason. With many preconceptions, myths and claims made about renewable energy that do not make the decision a simple one.  Fervo RE are able to provide unbiased advice and assist you in making your decision.

Typically following a request the following steps will be taken whether the project is of a domestic or commercial nature:

1. We will meet with our client, normally at the subject property, to get an understanding of the needs of the property and what is hoped to be achieved through the adoption of a renewable energy system, whether this is to reduce your energy costs or carbon foot print.  This stage will likely involve a simple survey of the property or inspection of plans.

2. We will prepare a report with our thoughts and recommendations.  This will usually entail a heat loss calculation and highlight the benefits relevant technologies offer and why certain technologies may not be appropriate.  Along with this there will be estimates as to the likely running costs and what potential income could be generated from schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive or Feed in Tariff.  Our report will enable you to make an informed decision or .

3. If you wish to proceed it may be necessary to undertake a detailed survey of the property to provide a detailed specification and quote.

4. On confirmation of order we will work closely with you, and other parties involved in the project if appropriate, to ensure a smooth installation.

5. On commissioning we will show you how the system works and go through the relevant controls with you.  A hand over pack with relevant information about the system will be provided with the necessary information  to enable you to make your application to the relevant incentive scheme.

6. Following the successful installation we will be pleased to undertake regular servicing.