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Case study

Dimplex A Class Air Source Heat Pump for Cheshire family home

Class Air Source Heat Pump for Cheshire family home“How do I reduce the heating cost for my large 1980’s five bedroom, two bathroom family home with no gas supply?” 

This is an all too familiar question posed to Alison Nolan, Director of Fervo Renewable Energy.

Until recently the answer to retro-fitting an efficient and sustainable heating system into larger older homes was not straightforward: –

  • Biomass installations are ideal replacements for oil/LPG boilers but require space not generally found in the majority of family homes.
  • Traditional heat pumps are perfect for modern well insulated homes but not for older housing stock with existing radiators designed for the high water temperatures delivered by biomass and carbon based fuels.  Solutions are possible but may require the additional expense of improving the properties thermal insulation, oversizing radiator circuits or even the electric supply.

Having visited the home near Tarporley to undertake a survey Alison explained the difficulties the question posed.  However she had an ideal solution in recommending a 12kW Dimplex “A Class” air source heat pump, a new heat pump that has been specifically designed for the UK climate and older domestic properties.

The A Class heat pump can deliver high water temperatures comparable to a non-renewable heating system at a constant energy output even when ambient air temperatures are well below -5.0⁰c. This made it perfect for the subject home.  When installed with the integrated Dimplex hot water and buffer tank the system took up no more space in the airing cupboard and in addition none of the existing radiators had to be up-sized.

The installation qualifies for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a scheme that provides homeowners with index linked tariff payments over 7 years for converting their heating systems to a renewable energy technology such as heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal panels.

Key facts
Installed Air Source Heat Pump:
Dimplex 12kW “A Class”

Estimated Annual Energy Saving
(against oil)
Estimated Annual RHI Payment
Estimated Reduction in Carbon Emissions
4.4 tonnes


With fuel bills slashed and the home future-proofed against rising energy prices, battles over the central heating thermostat are no more!

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