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Case study

Biomass District Heating System for Farm and Cottage

Farm and CottageAs is often the case the Harrison’s farm in rural North Yorkshire is not connected to the natural gas grid, their home being reliant on expensive oil and electricity for means of providing heat and hot water. With a large family farm house and detached labour’s cottage the choice was to live in comfort with high fuel bills or heat a few rooms purely out of necessity. Those days are no more following the installation by Fervo Renewable Energy of a new woodchip ETA HACK biomass boiler and mini-district heating system.

The ETA HACK provides efficient, sustainable, clean, no hassle energy delivering heat to the Farm buildings whilst generating significant fuel cost savings to the Harrison’s over their previous oil and electric system.  There is also little need to tend to the installation, the system can be monitored remotely via the internet from a laptop, tablet or mobile ‘phone and will even send a text or email to remind you to occasionally empty the ash bin or check on fuel levels in the store.

Biomass District Heating System

Apart from the fuel cost savings the installation qualifies for the Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.  This entitles the owner to indexed linked tariff payments for 20 years based on the energy required to heat the property and the farm.

Key facts

Estimated Fuel Cost Savings

Estimated RHI tariff payments

Predicted Benefit Biomass Installation

Estimated Reduction in Carbon Emissions:
30.1 Tonnes/pa

In addition to the long-term financial benefit the ETA HACK qualifies for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme bringing tax advantages too.

“We’re delighted with the installation and the HACK boiler” Mr Harrison commented.  “Having been tied to rising and fluctuating oil prices we are now able to heat all the rooms in our home and pleased to be doing our bit for the environment.”

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