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Incentives for Solar PV


****Please note that the Feed in Tariff scheme closed for new applicants in April 2019****

PV owners who were already registered for the scheme before April 2019 will continue to receive payments for the remainder of their 20 year term, set at the rate applicable at the time of their acceptance onto the scheme, and subject to RPI adjustments.

A new scheme came into effect in January 2020 known as the

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)  


Sola PV groundmounted

The new legislation requires every energy company with over 250,000 customers to offer a tariff at which they buy surplus electricity which is exported to the National Grid.  Each company is obliged to provide a tariff, which they can set themselves, thus creating a competitive market-place.  Owners of PV systems are free to choose where they sell their surplus electricity.  It is possible that a single company will also be able to provide a range of tariffs, depending on contract terms and potentially variable tariffs depending on Grid demand and supply at particular times.

To qualify for the Smart Export Guarantee, owners of solar PV arrays  under 5MW must ensure they have an eligible export/smart meter and that the installation was carried out by an MCS accredited installer (such as Fervo.)

The environmental case for installing solar panels has never been in doubt.  The benefits for property owners of installing solar PV continues to make financial sense too, with rising electricity prices, falling panels prices and now the availability of the SEG.


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